From this point of view, the main aim of the project is to provide to early childhood and primary school teachers innovative teaching approaches and strategies to be used in and out of the classroom in order to help their talented and gifted children. . The project covers both early childhood and primary education because these are the most appropriate years for recognition and early intervention of talented and gifted children.

Objectives of The Project

  1. To contribute to raising early childhood and primary school teachers’ awareness of giftedness and talent

  2. To keep teachers up-to-date related to the strategies which can be used to facilitate gifted and talented students to socialize and express themselves more comfortably in mixed classrooms

  3. To facilitate to eliminate the challenges, which teachers encounter in the classrooms while working with talented and gifted children

  4. To support gifted and talented children's both personal developments in social adaptation and realization of themselves through raising teachers' awareness on the issue

  5. To procure authentic and reliable data on the needs of the teachers of gifted and talented children

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