1. Baseline study: The current situation related to the topic in each partner country will be revealed through a baseline study.

  2. Comparative Analysis: In order to see how gifted and talented education practices change in each partner country, a comparative analysis will be carried out.

  3. Need Analyses: With the purpose of finding out the needs of teachers regarding the strategies for technology literacy, integration of gifted and talented students and improving their social skills, several need analyses will be performed.

  4. Preparation of Draft Strategy Book and An Instruction Book: Teachers will be able to learn how to approach their gifted and talented students in and out of their mixed classrooms with the help of the strategy book. An instruction book will be used to teach teacher trainers how to use digital media, which will be used during the project.

  5. Digital Media: A digital media will be prepared in the meantime in order to contribute to improvement of classroom management skills of teachers and teach them how to use developed strategies in their classrooms.

  6. Piloting Process: Trial seminars will be given in order to determine the effectiveness of the strategy book, instruction book and digital media developed. After the evaluation process, necessary changes will be made and educational materials will be finalised.

  7. Seminars: Seminars will be organized in order to give trainings to the teachers related to the strategies for the social development of gifted and talented students.



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