Gazi University (GU)

  Gazi University is one of the well-established universities in Turkey. It is one of the few universities in Turkey whose history dates back to 1920s. Gazi University incorporates 22 faculties, 7 institutes, 1 Turkish music state conservatory and 10 vocational higher schools as of 2014. According to statistics of 2013 indicated in the performance program of Gazi University, there are 2065 teaching staff members, 400 lecturers, 240 instructors and 1170 research assistants. Total number of students is 77250. From this perspective Gazi University is one of the biggest universities in Turkey. It is also famous for its educational researches in Turkey.

 Partner Institutions

 The European Pole of Knowledge (Europole)


The European Pole of Knowledge is a non-profit public body with a huge amount of members (Universities, Regional Administrations, Associations, schools, Universities, with more that 140.000 members) in Italy. They are located in Verona and recognized as a Council for the European Educational Integration acting directly with all the Educational Regional and National Institutions. Its main fields of activities are to promote the European dimension and integration through European and extra - European workshops, seminars, conferences, partnerships and projects. Europole works in every field of education, from ITC to in-service training courses for teachers and Kindergarten sectors to adult education. The members of the network work with learners at risk of social and cultural exclusion: such as learners with disabilities and other special needs such as gifted and talented children.



Ländliche Erwachsenenbildung Thüringen (LEB)

The LEB is a provider of general and vocational adult education and acknowledged by the Thuringian ministry for education. We have strong experiences in dealing with youngsters suffering from lacking motivation to learn and to work. In various projects we had to help them to sustain training and education. In order to be successful in those processes we learned to be very flexible and creative in using innovative approaches and methods, e.g. in conflict trainings, team building, learning to learn etc. We are engaged in cooperative learning: we are convinced that heterogenous learning groups enrich all learners – the strong ones and disadvantaged ones. We are experienced in providing skills regarding innovative learning methods for adult multi-players as teachers, trainers, and adult educators. We have useful contacts to stakeholders and decision makers and can involve them into the network. Amongst others we collaborate with Thillm – the Institute holding the responsibility for further education of teachers in Thuringia and will enrich the project with experiences in teachers' further education.


EDUcentrum is a non-profit organization, whose aim is to support unconventional and innovative forms of education, foster motivation for lifelong learning and promote active attitude towards further education. Hence the main activities comprise implementation of innovative methodologies, use of ICT in education, creation of tools for distance and blended learning, creation of materials for trainers and learners. Among members of EDUcentrum there are experienced methodologists, trainers and project managers who have been involved in a wide range of projects funded by ESF and LLP. They have experience in developing learning materials for primary school learners and methodological tools for teachers and trainers.




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